Glitter Tattoos and Temporary Tattoos
 are very popular with older children,
 teens  and young adults for application anywhere except the face. We can offer them
at your party in addition to face painting, or instead of face painting.
The tattoos are waterproof and can last for 5 or more days.
They also can easily be removed with baby oil or cologne.
They are painlessly applied using a stencil, cosmetic glue and
 either glitter of various colours, or a special black product that is not glittery
 and looks like a real tattoo. Often boys will prefer the plain black kind.
A good assortment of designs as well as colours are available.
 UV glitter (which shines under black light commonly found
 in discotheques and night clubs) is also available.

 Little girls love this kitty.

A red and green love heart.

A black spider using the non-glittery black.
A favourite with boys.
This lizard is another favourite with the boys.